California Wild Fires

After our discussion in class about wildfires and recent unfortunate events in California, we decided to dig deeper into the issue. We gathered our data from a few sources and created tangible model that gives a bird’s eye view of the state of California and the top five major fires from the past twenty years. Down below is the data that we compiled for the final project. For space and time, we only focused on doing the top five most destructive wildfires in size of acreage in California’s state history. This data comes from Wikipedia and we have noticed that the most if not all of these fires have happened within the past 20 years and are far to the North.

The recent Camp Fire didn’t make it to the list in numbers of acreage burned and didn’t even make it to the top five on this list. It did top other lists in number of lives lost and houses burned.

While not in the top three, In speaking of superlatives with wildfires in San Diego county alone, the Cedar fire tops everything, for most acreage burned at 273,246 acres burned and with fifteen deaths.

Originally we wanted to make a political cartoon in the form of a diorama. However, due to time concerns, we scrapped that idea and used a map of the Western United States.

As you can see, the most recent fires are Cedar in 2003, Rush in 2012, Thomas in 2017, and the Mendocino Complex in 2018.