Compliment Trash Can / Steven Azevedo

For my final project, I am working on how to improve CSUSM recycling among students by incorporating digital media into recycle bins. I wanted my final project to have a more interactive component to it, so that way it can draw some more attention to the sustainability in CSUSM and also have fun with it. By using Isadora Software, I have been able to add voice clips of compliments which are then triggered when students recycle into the recycle bin. I hope that this can also encourage more students in the future to work on more interactive sustainability projects for the following semesters.

I gathered my data mainly from the #MermaidHatePlastic movement that is currently happening in LA. They have also used the startling statistical data of plastic consumption to create their own data visualization which I find to be incredibly amazing and beautiful. It became my motivation to create a data visualization that was equally interactive and positive. I think that social issues are beginning to create more artwork that is beautiful and smart and less ‘shock and awe’ which I think are getting annoyed with personally. The following quote was my starting point for the project and also why I became so attached to working on this particular issue. “If the average American uses 167 plastic bottles a year, in 60 years they will have used 10,000 plastic bottles.”