Plastic Distortion


Plastic Distortion

Student Artist: Andrew Soltysiak
Course: Data Visualization with Lucy HG Solomon
Sustainability Focus: Plastic Waste
Data Source: National Geographic
Media: virtual animation


Plastic Distortion shows how plastic waste has been increasing as the years go on. Generated with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition, sound and visuals display the pattern of plastic waste as it is distributed around our planet. With this project, I want to bring awareness to the problem of plastics and promote a greener planet for a better future.

composition for the sound I created with my visual

For my installation, I wanted to capture the audience’s eye by creating a visual that ties together all of the data I have collected. As seen above, I collected sounds and edited them in order to portray the data I received from the National Geographic. Our world is unfortunately going down the wrong path by simply not recycling plastic sufficiently. Our oceans, inhabitants, and our whole planet in general are all affected by this, and we are the problem. Human beings need to come together and change our habits in order to keep a beautiful planet.

working on plastic distortion

The data I used mainly stems from National Geographic, a world-wide leader in facts about our planet. As the population continues to grow, it is becoming apparent that there is a steady incline in plastic waste. This project is very important to me because I care about our planet and want to take action in leading it in the right direction. This is a dire situation that our global population needs to be aware of, because the planet won’t last forever as long as we maintain this trend and plastic waste continues to grow. Overall, this class taught me many things in that we should show data in an artistic way in order to convey information to a broader audience.