Recycled Paper

Recycled Paper

Student Artists: Gerardo Anguiano-Acosta, Kevin Dang, Danielle Valentine
Course: Data Visualization with Lucy HG Solomon
Sustainability Focus: Recycling
Data Source: CSUSM Paper Recycling report
Media: recycled paper, plywood

Each semester the CSUSM campus increases the amount of paper waste that is recycled. Recycled Paper is a physical representation of a bar graph depicting the data of the amount of paper recycled. In hopes of continuing our university’s increase in recycled paper, we encourage others to add their own paper to be recycled in the overfill bin.

The piece was put together from some of the recycled paper that was found in one large recycling bin in CSUSM’s Kellogg Library. Just one bin of recycled paper was able to fill the physical bar graph and more. Without the limitations of the space provided, the whole exhibition space could be covered in paper.

The piece becomes more interesting when viewers discover the details of each recycled paper, as each piece is unique and has a history. The information of each paper spans a student’s homework assignment to a record of an oil change on a vehicle.

The data was all collected with help from Juliana Goodlaw-Morris,  sustainability manager at CSUSM. The collaborating team was able to collect data in the measurement of tons, indicating how much paper is recycled weekly, monthly, and yearly. As each semester goes by, the campus grows bigger in population, and consequently much more waste is created. CSUSM is able to recycle much of the waste created and will continue to do well by meeting yearly goals to increase the percentage of waste being recycled.