DREAM – Arts in Education

The Dream: A Portrait of Educator Responses to the Program

Student Artist: Alina Segura
Course: Data Visualization with Lucy HG Solomon
Researcher: Merryl Goldberg

The research that I responded to was Merryl Goldberg’s DREAM project, which was a project to develop and coach teachers on how to incorporate arts into their teaching in order to boost test scores – specifically those for reading and literacy. The project’s main focus was to gain participation of students and set them up to think critically and creatively, which usually naturally occurs in the arts. In their studies, they were able to raise scores significantly for third graders; the fourth graders didn’t have as much of a raise as the previous year. The data set that I based my project is the qualitative data from the second year. I focused on the responses and reactions to the teacher’s feelings about the program itself and whether they thought it helped improve their teaching methods.

I researched data visualization sets that represented the emotional responses of an individual, and that is what I based my design on. I brainstormed different ways of incorporating information from the bar graphs and translating the data into something new. I used Illustrator and added the shape elements after I laid out my entire text. Then I broke down the proportions that I had to make for each corresponding answer of the statement questions.

The design isn’t very complicated but I believe it gets the point across and reveals what the educators’ opinions of the program is in correspondence to the questions that they were asked to respond to. My goal was to make it clear and not too complicated so that was the basis for my design. I wanted to design a poster because I think it’s easy for people to look at and read it fully than if it was a webpage. I represented the data with circles representing different opinions on each subject layered on one another but also allowing for overlapping to show the contrast in opinions as well. Overall, I think the data is comprehensible and fun to read.

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