Jaguar the Umbrella Species

Jaguar the Umbrella Species

Student Artists: Kodie Gerritsen and Sarai Silva Carvajal
Course: Data Visualization with Lucy HG Solomon
Researcher: Biologist Samia Carrillo-Percastegui, Artist Lucy HG Solomon

Project Description
The idea behind this project was to form a creative representation of data that pertains to the jaguar and umbrella species. The data involved in the project relates to the remaining number of jaguars and other species found in the rainforest, including peccaries, tapirs, deer, sloths, crocodiles, turtles and frogs.

Representation of Project Data
The project’s data includes the numbers of species left in the Amazon rainforest. Some animals are more abundant than others.

For our project, we used dots to represent the number of each species of animal left surviving. Each dot represents 1,000 animals.

Work in Progress
Sketching out the inner workings of the box was helpful during the planning process.

Professor Lucy HG Solomon drew a sketch of how our project data might be represented in an interesting way, as well as some other doodles to the side.

The process for this project involved deciding on the data to represent, designing the inside of the box, shopping for/finding supplies and actually carrying out the plan. There were plenty of hiccups along the way, but we were able to solve problems as they arose.

Project Outcome
This project communicates to the viewer how scarce and precious each animal is.  It is a whimsical and informative look at pertinent data about the jaguar and the animals who rely on it.

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  1. This project was so cool to experience. I loved the moving umbrella with corresponding lullaby music and the painted color-coded circles that represent different animals. Those colors corresponding to the dangling animals around the umbrella. I love this type of representation, taking data and numbers to a playful place. This is definitely a project that you can stop and ponder for quite some time. It really slows you down and makes you think. It almost takes you back to childhood, for just a moment.
    By Allison Ball

  2. It was amazing watching this project! The moving parts and soothing lullaby felt wonderful to experience, and the data that it represented was fascinating. I felt like I could watch this project spin and play music for a long time.

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