Picture of Diversity at CSUSM – video and graphic

Picture of Diversity at CSUSM

Student Artists: Brittany Oei, Dean Rojas, Kadri Williams
Course: Data Visualization with Lucy HG Solomon
Research: CSUSM Office of Diversity, Educational Equity and Inclusion; Diversity Coordinator Ariel Stevenson, Interim Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President Dr. Cynthia Chavez Metoyer

For our project, we met with the head of the diversity office, Dr. Cynthia Chavez Metoyer, the diversity coordinator, Ariel Stevenson, and Professor Lucy HG Solomon to discuss a way to represent our campus’ unique collection of students. We wanted to create a model that would emphasize the community in a positive light.

We quickly decided that we wanted to do a video that cycled through faces of students on campus in order to represent the statistics we found about the different ethnic groups on campus. The idea was rather simple, yet we think it is effective. We walked around campus with a camera and asked students if we could take a quick video of them. Almost everyone we asked agreed to being videoed. In our final product we had the video cycling through clips of people’s faces with a voiceover reciting the different statistics and facts about our campus.

The poster below is a supplement to the video, reinforcing diversity on campus. This graphic is intended to show the facts and statistics of the different races of our school, while providing a clear message of the type of inclusive and supportive campus we strive to be.

Project Development
Initially when we met with the office of diversity on campus we had the idea for a video and just needed the raw data and facts to make it possible. Most of the data used in the video was compiled directly from the school’s website. We used a camera capable of recording at 96 frames per second, which is slow motion, to create a slow and dramatic feeling to the piece.

We went out around campus and asked people if they would like to volunteer to be in the video and the astounding majority agreed. We took the raw footage and edited it to royalty free music and overlaid the voiceover for the statistics. Our goal for this project was to represent the numbers in an almost emotional form. As advocates of film for change, this video attempts to create a hero’s story based on data and student portraiture.

The students at Cal State San Marcos are all different, unique, and special. We feel that most people at this school try their best to be kind, inclusive, and open-minded.  And in our opinion, that’s a pretty cool community to be apart of.

4 Replies to “Picture of Diversity at CSUSM – video and graphic”

  1. This was such a great project! It was cool to see how diverse CSUSM really is. I like your approach on this project and thought you conveyed the data very well.

    Vincent Perez

  2. This project definitely captured the attention of the audience. It was immediately interesting (the fact that the viewer has to make eye contact with the piece probably adds to the “hook” effect). The thing that struck me the most was how it integrated real statistics and data into a striking and emotional presentation. You were definitely correct to point out the dramatic effect caused by the filming method and editing as well as the use of well-chosen music and voice-over (nice delivery by Kadri, by the way). Something like the project you two created is a really effective way to communicate the specific information that you used. As your goal was to elicit an emotional response from the viewer, I’d definitely say that you achieved what you set out to accomplish with this project.

  3. This was an interesting take on the project in that the direction it took was completely different from the poster take. The video drove home the idea that CSUSM is made up of many different types of people.

    JD Brobst

  4. I really enjoyed the visual representation of this project, it brought such an emotional aspect to it. It made the data have a deeper meaning, I liked the use of live portraits in the video. Each person was looking directly right at you, forcing you to look and tune in. The voice over by Kadri was done very well; in addition, the flow and pace of the video was pretty good. It kept people interested and I like that the data was told along with each portrait, it painted the diversity of our campus in an intriguing way. -Alina Segura

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