Plastic Straw Ban Graphics Campaign

Plastic Straw Ban Graphic Campaign

Student Artist: Kristopher Torres
Course: Data Visualization with Lucy HG Solomon
Researchers: Christina Simokat, CSUSM Environmental Studies and Biology; Andrea Cornelius

I began with the topic of the Plastic Straw Ban. Then I emailed our specific counterparts to get further information on how or what data they had that I could use for this project. The information provided pushed the project forward. They offered ideas on designs and provided links to several websites that contained further information about the plastic straw ban movement. The initial researcher was Christina Simokat. Later I was directed to Andrea Cornelius, who was the lead on this ban.

My process involved studying the various links that were provided and seeking additional information through research. I read the blogs and absorbed the information provided by other individuals who have studied the effects of plastic straws on our environment. There were many images, graphics, and videos on these sites that helped me with my process of creation.

My goal was to take in all the visual images and data that I gathered during my research and to develop a strong visual graphic that would help change people’s minds about asking for a plastic straw the next time they drink a beverage.

The way I represented my data was through images overlaid with text and a graph that provides information about what plastic straws are made of and what they do to our immediate environment and to the oceans.


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