Dont Bee Silent

Jelonna Byers 

“Don’t Be Silent”

Going into this last project I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go in. Over the course of the semester two topics I showed interest in were bringing awareness of the decline in the honey bee population and the second was bringing awareness to the number of individuals who are victims of sexual assault. My first idea was to try to combine the two somehow, but I felt it wouldn’t make sense and it would be very hard to correlate bees and sexual assault. I immediately thought about the play on the word ‘Bee’ and how you can use that in a way to remind people, both victim and learner, that our voice is the tool on putting an end by educating and not silencing the victim. I decided to come up with a design where people can get a visual of how many people have been effected in there area, like actual people. However, I still wanted to protect the identity and also not represent the victim as a helpless victim. One artist that I had in mind is Alfredo Jaar, a known east coast photographer who worked a lot with photo journalism. Alfredo did a project on the “Rwandan Genocide” and while doing the project although his main goal was to try to connect the viewer to the reality of whats really going on in the world through an image but still being mindful of the victim and not re-victimizing them. Alfredo used the eyes of the people he photographed and cropped the rest of the picture out. I decided to use the mouth of everyday people, young, old, boy, girl, black, white, and more because this is an issue that does not just affect women, or a certain age or race, and I think thats a stigma that people misinterpret about issue when having the conversation. On the poster there are 112 images of different individuals representing the number of reported rape cases in North county San Diego. I want the viewer to recognize the overwhelming realization that there are a lot of voices to hear and I also put the number of crimes that go unreported which is 1200. So it is making the connection that there is a lot but still a lot more who are unheard due to not being protected, believed, or judged. I am satisfied with the design of the poster and I hope it broadens the perspective and also makes people compassionate enough to want to learn more on how they can help stop this issue.