Searching for Spirituality

Jennifer Funderberg  &  Edgar Avila-Casillas

Course: Data Visualization with Lucy HG Solomon

Topic: Finding and charting data based on the spiritualities of Idyllwild (native or non-native) and where the people of those spiritualities like to connect with their pantheon or themselves in specific locations in Idyllwild.

Our chart maps out three categories of spiritualities (secular or solitary) find to be the most spiritual places for themselves in Idyllwild (where ever they like to connect with themselves or their pantheon : Pagans/Witches, Christians, and Buddhists. Our chart includes images of the landscape and structures where these spiritual people enjoy practicing.

Sources: All of our data comes from our conversations with the residents of Idyllwild (the details of these conversations can be found in my Data Visualization Journal entries from this last week). All of the images were taken by Eddy. 

Note- Here is a link to our map