Violence Against Transgender Individuals Visualized

My project started when I wanted to know just how many people in the USA were transgender, and so I began to look up various statistics and other information that would help me understand better. However as I began to search and delved deeper into my research, I found that many of the articles were leading me to information about violence against transgender people, and the death count per year. This began to really upset me, and it made me furious, and so with my voice I then decided that rather than trying to be passive and explain how many people in the USA are transgender, I instead wanted to show just how many people in the year of 2018 alone had succumbed to violence against them. My project evolved from just an informative piece to an informative and provocative piece as well.

I thought of the idea from the police outlines of bodies, when a murder is committed and they outline the position the body was in before they move it out of the way. Then I also began to think of how I could make it visually appealing, and thought to use the colors of the transgender flag on a brick wall and make it appear as though all of this information was graffiti. I did this because passive, inactive protesting has done nothing over the years, what has gotten us change has always been the active, loud minority that fights against corruption. That’s what I wanted to be; I wanted to be loud, and I wanted my voice to be heard about an issue that is very close to me. Overall, I feel that I have succeeded in doing such.

Work In Progress sketch of my original idea with statistics and other facts, which evolved into what the current project is.

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